Mine Quest

Imagine a world frozen in time:  the debris of people's lives laying scattered around the floors; the machinery that ran the world looking vaguely like a quick polish might put it back in commission; even the graffiti that once illustrated the workers' lives still clearly legible on the walls.  It may sound a bit like a scene from the ancient town of Pompeii, but it's not.  It's a snapshot of an underwater mine that lays deep beneath the surface of Bell Island in Newfoundland, Canada.  This year a group of explorers went back to the mine to complete an archeological survey--document what artifacts were left and which were worth preserving.  The exepedition took a week to complete and while the divers were at it, they laid down some safety lines for future explorers.  With a little luck, you may be able to explore this world in a few months.  Meanwhile you can watch these two pieces which appeared on Daily Planet.  Written and Directed by Robert Osborne.  Camera work by Cecil Johnson and Jill Heinerth.  Hosted by Dan Risken.