Boundless--the cave diving edition--is part of a much larger dream.  Hubert Chretien, the son of our former Prime Minister, has a dream to show the world that people with disabilities have no “boundaries.”  So he’s chosen one of the most difficult physical tasks on the planet to prove his point.  He decided to train two disabled divers to be able to dive inside the caverns of an iceberg.  

A little context.  Only about three or four people in the world have ever managed to do this.  Icebergs shift, flip and the caves inside them seal themselves off from time to time.  

Undaunted, Hubert and his trusty trainees are moving ahead.  They began by going south to Florida to train to be cave and cavern divers.  We shot this trailer while they were doing it.  We hope to use it to raise some funds for part two--ice diving in Shawinigan--and finally for part three--diving an ice berg in Newfoundland.

Stay tuned for more...