Robert Osborne is the Senior Producer of Dam Builder Productions.  He brings to the table more than 30 years of working in long format television.  For much of that time he was an investigative journalist working for the CTV show W5.  He’s also done work for Marketplace and Pacific Report.  Robert has developed a speciality in directing underwater based documentaries.  He holds nearly a dozen certifications including cave diving.  Robert has won more than half a dozen RTNDA Awards, a CAJ Award and an Award of Merit from the Governor General.  He has been nominated several times for Gemini awards and been part of a team that won two.  In 2012 he was nominated for a CSA Award for Unlocking Alex.  In 2018 he won a CSA for best writing in a documentary.

Documentary Highlights:

The Third Dive, CBC, 2018

Unstoppable, CBC, 2016

Mine Quest, Discovery, 2016

Boundless, 2014

Up In the Air, CBC, 2014

Unlocking Alex, CTV, 2012

Haiti’s Armageddon, CTV, 2010

Beyond Justice, CTV, 2009

Murders in Mexico, CTV, 2007

Heart of Darkness, CTV, 2005

Silent Alarms, CTV, 2000

Back to the Future, Global, 1993